What is Namir Capital?

Namir Capital stands as a pioneer in asset management, offering cutting-edge investment solutions through smart contracts. We pride ourselves on being a reliable fiduciary for our users, easing the access and providing a user-friendly platform. By expertly deploying user’s investments with 0 deposit and withdrawal fees, we’re on a mission to empower individuals, ensuring that financial prosperity is within reach for all.

Crypto Trading

Taking advantage of the Crypto market, Decentralization and Transparency, now accessible to everyone.

Forex to Crypto

Taking advantage of the forex market, greater stability, higher liquidity, and more predictable trends. Now accessible on web3 by leveraging blockchain technology

Our Partner

Shiny Jackal

Our fund is equipped with one of the top-performing crypto trading bots, trusted by institutions and developed by the Shiny Jackal.

Profit Sharing


An 80/20 profit sharing model that greatly increases user’s chances of profitability each month. User receive 80% of profits, while our platform retains 20% which incentivizes both parties to succeed and creates a transparent, win win solution


Mohamed Ibrahim


As a co-founder of our team, I bring visionary and strategic thinking, complemented by a strong foundation in financial expertise and exceptional interpersonal skills. My ability to foster and maintain robust investor relationships is a pivotal driver behind our team’s success. As an experienced fund manager, I have finely honed my portfolio management skills and a keen eye for identifying lucrative investment opportunities. I understand the significance of cultivating trust and transparency with investors, and consistently delivering sustainable returns. I am a source of innovative ideas, continually pushing our team to explore new investment opportunities and expand our offerings.

Ramy Osman


”To bridge the gap between decentralized finance and traditional finance, that is the future”. With a deep understanding of the strengths and limitations of both systems, I have committed to creating a new model that will enable individuals and businesses to access the best of both worlds. As a fund analyst, I have developed a keen eye for identifying profitable investment opportunities. I have used this skill to navigate the complex and rapidly evolving defi landscape. As an experienced risk manager, I understand the importance of balancing risk and reward. Taking a measured and disciplined approach to investments, using my knowledge of risk management to ensure that our investors’ assets are protected while still taking advantage of the opportunities that the defi and the trading space presents.


We do not provide any guarantees about the potential returns or profits that investors may earn through the platform. The monthly yield of up to 3% on the full deposit may fluctuate and is not guaranteed. This is due to the unpredictable nature of real investing and the use of automated bot trading. It is important for investors to be aware of the inherent risks involved in any investment and to do their own research before making a decision.

Our goal is to achieve a designated total value locked (TVL) and then close deposits to ensure sustainable growth for our users. By taking a slow and incremental approach to increasing the TVL, we can provide a sense of exclusivity and personal care for our investors. This allows them to feel comfortable compounding or withdrawing their funds without the risk of rapid growth becoming overwhelming. Our focus is on providing a sustainable environment for our investors to grow their investments.

We understand the frustration that many investors have with the lack of transparency in the DeFi space. We believe that transparency is crucial for building trust with our investors. That is why we are committed to being open and transparent about how we generate revenue and the steps we take to ensure the safety and security of our investors’ funds.

The Total Value Locked (TVL) is a metric that represents the total value of assets that have been deposited and locked within the project. It serves as a benchmark for the project’s success and reflects the level of trust and confidence that users have in the platform.

Once the TVL goal has been reached, deposits will be temporarily closed. This is to ensure that we operate within the designated parameters and are able to effectively manage the assets that have been deposited. After a review of the project’s current state, a new TVL goal may be determined and deposits will re-opened.

The TVL goal is an important measure of our project’s performance and provides valuable insights into its operations and user engagement. The temporary closure of deposits once the goal has been reached helps to maintain the stability and efficiency of the platform, and to ensure that it continues to operate in the best interests of its users.

Investment Rounds is an incremental approach to deposits. Investment rounds will have a max investment shown and once reached the round will end and will be available again at the next open window.

An open window is a temporary period in the beginning of each month, users will have the opportunity to make deposits into the platform. The window lasts for a week at the beginning each month and when closed users will no longer be able to make new deposits until the next open window.

The ability to make new deposits is determined upon the status of the designated Total Value Locked (TVL) goal. You can find this information by monitoring the community discord, where updates on the status of deposit openings and closures will be regularly communicated. Please note that new deposits will only be accepted when the designated TVL goal has not yet been reached. Deposits will be open for a week in the beginning of each month (open window).

Claims are available any time once users dividends have been distributed monthly. Dividends will be automatically sent to users wallets if not claimed by next round openings.

Yes you will be able to compound your earnings at every open window period.

It is possible to request a full refund of your deposit. To do so, you will need to fill out the support ticket that will be provided in the Discord, and provide the following information: the wallet address used to make the deposit, and a screenshot showing the inside of your wallet to prove ownership. After submitting the form, it will take 3-5 Business days to process the refund, which will then be sent directly to your wallet. Please note that you can only request a full deposit refund after 180 days from your initial deposit.